Check out some of the following series that are on this blog.

Comunidad Auténtica

This series goes through my experiences in Christian community while explaining the importance of it, finding one, and our role in it.  The blog posts go in depth into what it is really like to be in a Christian community which is something that is personally very important to me.

Cualidades de un Líder

This series focuses on the aspects that I feel are essential for any Christian leader.  This series does not only relate to people who have some sort of title, but anyone who is spending time to help others grow closer to Christ (which should be everyone).  While I do draw from my experiences in leadership positions, these qualities are important for Christians to exemplify in their everyday lives in interacting with non-Christians, those exploring the faith, and those you are actively discipling to grow in their faith.

Friendly Wisdom

This series was inspired by some of the inspirational things that I have learned from my friends.  Just by listening and watching those you spend time with, you can learn so much, so I decided to write about these things which had a wide range of topics to talk about.

What does the Bible say about…?

This series discussed in depth what the Bible says about certain topics by showing various Bible verses about the topic before going into details about the implications of the topic.  The subjects of this series will vary, and as this is a current series, please do send suggestions about what to talk about next.

Letter To

This series is a collection of letters that I would potentially write to different people or groups for things that I feel like I should tell them.  These are rather vague letters that are simply meant to share some of the thoughts that we can share with those who we talk to.

Song Dissection

This series is a study of different Christian songs and the messages that we can learn from them.  There is a lot of wisdom in various songs that you may hear on the radio or at church that you never really stop to think about, so this series is meant to truly get you to ponder about the lyrics that you may have been singing to for years.

One Word

This is a reader-suggested series which makes the Spanish word of the day the main point.  I based an entire post from words sent to me from readers.  This was to help show that this blog is for the readers, and your suggestions are taken seriously as I want to discuss the things that you want to talk about.


In this three-part series, we studied one of my favorite parables in Scripture, the Prodigal Sons.  We looked at each of the main characters in the parable, and we examined what they represented.  From there, we discussed what there was to be learned from each of the characters.

The Mount

This Bible Study series went through the Sermon of the Mount in Matthew 5-7.  We studied each section in-depth to see the context in which Jesus was speaking as well as studying how we can apply it to our lives as 21st century readers of this sermon.

Where Imagination Meets God

We have all probably seen at least 5 Disney movies in our lifetime.  For some of us, we have watched 5 in the past week.  From the classics to the modern movies, there is a lot of really quotable content.  This series takes the magic from Disney movies and puts it in a Biblical context.  We examine the quotes said in various movies and make them relevant to the Bible.