How to: Disciple Someone

I have often talked about the importance of being poured into by someone, but also, we have discussed the significance of pouring into someone else.  Yesterday, we talked about what the Bible says about being an example to others.  In that we discussed how to live our lives in a way that is a testament of what God has done in our lives for others to model themselves after.  Today, we will be discussing what it looks like to disciple someone.

Step 1: Pray

Before you do anything, pray.  It is a good focusing agent for reminding you why you are doing this.  You are mentoring people because you love them and desire that they have a deep personal relationship with Jesus and are actively growing in that relationship with Him.  You want them to desire to be more like God and to have a passion for things that He desires.  This is all for God.  Remember that He deserves all the glory, and you cannot do anything without Him.  You can’t be a good mentor without God.  We are sinners, natural failures.  We cannot succeed in any endeavor without God, so praying first is the least that we can do.  Before any other practical steps are made remember to pray.

Step 2: Prepare

I am presently discipling two of the wonderful young men in my small group, and I have been learning as I go, but the one thing that has been highly important for me is to have a plan in place.  This does not mean that I will exactly follow the plan, but it gives me good talking points and references for where we are planning on going.  Preparation depends on what you are doing with them.  Are you simply talking about life?  Prepare a few questions to ask and discuss with them.  Ask the deep questions, and get a sense of where they are at in their walk with God.  Are you going through a book of the Bible?  Read the verses that you are going over with them before meeting with them.  Generate some questions from the passage, and think of some application questions to ask them.  Make sure they are applying what you read to their everyday lives.  Are you going through a Christian-based book together?  Try to get a general sense for what each chapter talks about, and plan accordingly.  Preparation is important, so you may have a general direction to go in.  Something may go way far off of your plans, and that is okay.  If they are going through something and it is best to stray from your plans to address it, do so.

Step 3: Do it!

Now that you have prayed and prepared, you are equipped to go and disciple your person.  Meet with them on a consistent basis.  Ask about them, and how they have been since the last time that you met.  Pray together (something that I have regrettably not done as much as I want).  Get into what you had planned.  Ask about the things going on in their life.  Challenge them.  Make sure they leave with something to think about to actually cause them to make lifestyle changes to grow in their faith.

Step 4: Reflect

This is important to consider the things that went well and the things that didn’t go well.  Consider things that you maybe could have included or things that could have been omitted.  Reflect on how they reacted to things, and how each of the things you did could help them grow in your faith.  It’s a great chance to pray again thanking God for the opportunity to disciple someone to grow closer to Him.  The word of the day is el mentor which is a cognate as it means mentor.  It is good to be a mentor in someone’s life, and you could benefit from pouring into the lives of others.

Do you disciple someone?  What are the things you do?  How do they work?  Does someone disciple you?  What is done during that time?  Do you like it?  How do you feel that you have grown in that time?  If so, what has contributed to that?


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