Purge Me

Purge me
Won’t you cleanse me
My deepest desire is for you
Lord I’m hurting
And yet I’m yearning
Are you speaking clearly?
I need to hear from you
I need to hear from you

There is a great simplicity in understanding that we can’t remove our sin on our own, and we need to ask to clean us from our sin.  God is our greatest desire: to grow closer to Him, to learn about Him, to serve Him, and to follow Him.  Pleading for Him to take away our sin, take away our struggles, and help us grow closer to Him.  We can’t always hear God’s answer clearly, so we begin to wonder if He is even speaking.  Our God, our Father, our Savior is willing to help us from our circumstances.

I’m crying out
I’m desperate for you
And I’m not afraid to open my heart and give you all
We’ll declare your name
Jehovah reigns despite our problems
And through the pain
We’ll learn to trust in you

We are pleading for God.  We need Him.  We yearn for Him.  We open our hearts to Him to give Him all of us.  We don’t just give Him 50% or 75%.  We give Him more than the weekends or Sunday morning. We give Him all of us, 100% every day.  We are to be completely vulnerable with Him.  He remains to be our King always, through good times and through bad times.  He is God all the time.  He has been the same God since before the beginning of time.  We can trust in Him always.  Even through the tough times that are going to come in our lifetime.

Do you hear me?
I heard you can save me
All it takes
Is a single touch from you
Lord I want you
And Lord I need you
I come as nothing
With everything to lose
So come and make me new

Jesus saves us from ourselves.  It doesn’t take much.  All we need is to let Jesus in our lives, and He can help us with whatever we need.  He gives us what we need.  He is what we need.  We need nothing to come to Him.  We can come to Him in our mess, in our brokenness, in our hypocrisy, and in our struggle.  He will still accept us and bring us in.  We don’t need to be perfect to come to Him.  We come to Him, and then, He works in us to become more like Him.  We begin to be made new as we learn more about Him and grow closer to Him.

Oceans part
Mountains move
Giants die
Satan loses
Chains will fall
Nations freed
Free from slavery

The most miraculous things happen when it comes to God.  Two of the miracles references in this song are Moses parting the Red Sea after freeing His people from slavery and David killing Goliath with a stone and a slingshot.  Those are so miraculous in so many ways, and this is just scratching the surface.  Awesome things happen when God is involved because God is just so amazing.

I first heard this song live by the band Urban Doxology who visited our InterVarsity Large Group during my freshman year and fell in love with it immediately. It has a beautiful sound and great message (I feel like I say that about every song).  So, the word of the day is quitar which means to remove.  We can ask God to remove that which is not of Him from us.  We can ask Him to remove us from the sin that binds us and keeps us from being closer to Him.


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