What I Know

It’s been another day when it seems like faith eludes me
Everything’s been so confusing
Fear got the best of me
Now I’m lying here worried about tomorrow
‘cause the weight of everything I don’t know
Is so heavy I can’t sleep

This is how life feels sometimes.  It feels like a vortex of confusion when you don’t know what is happening.  Life filled with one bad circumstance after another, and you are dreading what bad thing is going to happen the next day that you are unable to do basic things like sleep.  Your emotions are running wild, and you are overwhelmed with the difficulties that are facing you in your day-to-day.  How many times has this been you?  Life has become one huge mess that you don’t know how to clean up, and there is no next step in sight to overcome the many challenges that you are facing.

But the truth remains the same
Even when I don’t know what to pray
But what I know
Is You, my God are real
No matter how I feel
You’ve never let me go
And what I know
Is there will never be a day
You aren’t just a breath away
And through it all I’ve gotta hold
To what I know

God is greater than our circumstances.  He is real and alive, and He will never leave us even we are facing some of the hardest times of our lives.  He is always there, always present, and He will get you through your circumstances.  Even when you are lost for words, He is there.  Even when you have no idea what to do next, He is there.  Even in your darkest times, He is there!  Everyday 24/7, God is present with you. The only thing that you have to do is to remember that.  Much easier said than done, but it is a truth that is comforting when you are speaking truth to yourself.  There is a reason for struggles, and God will not give you anything that you cannot handle.  You will get through it stronger than you were before.  Just hold onto the truth of God.

I could throw my fist in the air demanding answers
But in spite of all the questions
I’m still giving You my life
And if it doesn’t turn out like I think it should
It doesn’t change the fact You’re always good
Your ways are higher than mine

You can simply try to demand that God answers your questions, but there needs to come a point where we need to stop and introspect.  Even in the midst of our questions and uncertainties, God is still God, and He has a plan.  His will shall be done whether or not it is what we want it to be.  His ways, His thoughts, His plans, and His design are greater than ours could ever be, so we need to submit to this perfect God because He is going to make everything work together for the ultimate good, His glory.

To love that’s never failing
To hope that keeps on saying
“carry on”, “carry on”

His love never fails. It is unconditional.  It is perfect.  Even when we fall and think that what we have done is beyond retribution, God reminds us that He is still with us, and nothing will separate us from His love.  He encourages us to keep on going through the difficulties of life as they are part of His ultimate plan.  He wants us to “carry on” through our trials, struggles, worries, anxieties, and such because they will help form us into children who begin to resemble our perfect heavenly Father.

I first heard this song on God’s Not Dead in one of the most heart wrenching scenes of the movie. I instantaneously fell in love with it.  (Cindy and I call it our song because we both loved it.  It is our favorite song from the movie).

The word of the day is saber which is to know.  As the chorus says, “But what I know is that you my God are real” which is a powerful reality.  If the Bible is true (and it is), it is a testament to how awesome our God is (or 2 testaments lol “I’m funny”… not really).  We serve a God who is so magnificent that allows us to be a part of His story to spread His love, His message, and His will across the earth.  What do you remind yourself of when you are going through the trials that are a natural part of life?


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