One Word: Communication

Welcome to the series One Word, a reader-requested series where an entire post is based around words chosen by people who sent in suggestions through the Your Suggestions page.  Our first word of the day for the series is communication, or as it is translated in Spanish, comunicación.

Communication is a noun which is defined as the imparting or exchanging of information or news, or it may also be defined as a social contract. (It has many other definitions, but these are the relevant ones for this post).  The word has Latin origins from the word communicatio from the verb communicare which means to share.  Synonyms include but are not limited to: contact, socializing, talk, conversation, correspondence, dialogue, and discussion.

“Communication must be HOT. That’s Honest, Open, and Two-way.” — Dan Oswald

With communication, there must be someone to communicate with, and there is a community of believers who are a great fit for this criterion.  Now that you have people to talk to, how do you communicate, and what do you say?  Well, as the eloquent quote above states, your communication must have a sense of honesty, vulnerability, and not be one-sided (with only one party putting in the effort).  If you and the other person don’t know each other well, get to know each other.  Share your likes, dislikes, passions, hobbies, interests, wishes, dreams, and testimony.  Yes, I had to include testimony as that is one of the best ways to get to know someone.  For someone you do know well, the world is your oyster of things to talk about.  Asking each other the tough questions.  Getting to know each other deeply.  Convicting each other.  Affirming each other.  Truly getting to understand each other.  These are all products of communication.

“Communication leads to community, that is understanding, intimacy, and mutual valuing.” — Rollo May

There is a God with whom we should be communicating with on a regular basis, and we do this through a little thing known as prayer.  When something is wrong, pray.  When something is going great, pray.  When life is just okay, pray.  Literally, you can talk to God anytime and anywhere.  Just pray.  There is no bad service or reception when it comes to pray, and you know that God will receive them.  It’s kind of very cool to talk to the awesome God who created you and knows you so much better than you know yourself.

“Prayer is a passport to heaven.  Your communication with God.” — Anonymous

God also communicates with us through the Bible.  He has given wisdom, commands, instructions, and so much more in His Word.  There is so much to take from the Bible that it is mind-boggling.  Give it a read, and learn the many things that God has to say to people.  The things in the Bible are still relevant to us today.  To begin to try to understand God, you have to read His word.

“I believe the Bible is the best gift God has ever given to man.  All the good from the Savior of the world is communicated to us through this book.” — Abraham Lincoln

How often do you communicate with members of your community?  Is it honest, open, and two-way?  How often do you talk to God through prayer?  What do you talk about with God?  Is it mostly about yourself, for others, about Him, or a mixture?  How often do you read the Bible?  How do you read the Bible?  What are some other ways that you can communicate to God, if any?  What are other ways He communicates with us?

While the series has already begun with this post, it is not too late to submit word entries for later posts in the series.  Simply go to the Your Suggestions page to leave a word that you want me to cover in a post.  You can submit the English word, and I will translate it to be the word of the day (if it hasn’t already been used). And as always, don’t forget to comment which is a form of communication on this blog.  Also leave your suggestions for any other potential posts and/or series that you want to see.


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